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Canon Photo Party @ Do As Infinity 1st LIVE in Singapore

In conjunction with the rock concert, a Canon Photo Party was organised, providing participants with...

Life is Fashion with EOS M100

Join the contest and stand a chance to win! We are giving away 10 sets of Canon EOS M100 to selected...

Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore XV 2017: A Fruitful Day of Challenges for Photography Enthusiasts

Held on 23 September 2017 (Saturday), the Singapore leg of the 2017 edition of the region’s...


Do’s and Don’ts of Handling A Mirrorless Camera

Learn how to take care of your mirrorless camera to ensure its performance for years to come.

Mirrorless Camera Lenses: Which One Suits Me?

Find the right mirrorless camera lens to suit your photography needs

Introducing to Fine Art Printing Part 9 – Defining Your Colouring and Toning Style

Producing a fine art print has always been a labour of love. The pioneers of film photography would...


Interview with Wahyu Widhi on Adventure Photography

Wahyu Widhi combines his admiration of landscape photography and his hobby in climbing.

The Sacred Beauty of Rejepan Plabengan Ceremony in Central Java, Indonesia

Capture the beauty of Rejepan Plabengan Ceremony through the lens of travel photographer, Misbachul...

Underwater Photography Destinations in Indonesia

Diving Destinations in Indonesia for Underwater Photography


EOS 200D for Beginners: How to Use Creative Auto Mode for Further Creative Expression

If you are new to DSLR cameras, the Creative Auto mode on the EOS 200D provides an easy way to...

Documenting Life in the Great Outdoors: A Professional Photographer’s Camping Trip in Photos

Every camping trip is a one-of-a-kind experience worth treasuring. And with a camera in hand, anyone...

EOS 6D Mark II: What You Should Know About Dual Pixel CMOS AF and Live View AF

Dual Pixel CMOS AF and the Live View AF system are two key features of the EOS 6D Mark II. Learn...


The Allure of Aerial Photography: Capturing Unpredictable Landscapes Under Challenging Conditions

Allowing us to see the world from a drastically different perspective, aerial photography can be a...

Waisak Lantern Festival: Capturing the Beauty of Night Photography with Joseph Mak

Discover how to capture great photos under low-light at the Waisak lantern festival.

Photographing Mongolia: Nomads and Eagle Hunters

Meet the people of Mongolia through the lens of Joseph Mak’s EOS 5D Mark IV

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