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Through Different Lenses: An Interview with the CPMC 2018 Winners

9 days travelling through Western Japan and Kyushu, 8 intense photo challenges, and countless...

New Cosmos of Photography 2018 Photo Competition: Applications Now Open

Open to participants all over the world, Canon’s New Cosmos of Photography photo competition...

Canon Celebrates 15th Consecutive Year of No. 1 Share of Global Interchangeable-lens Digital Camera Market

TOKYO, March 28, 2018 — Canon Inc. has announced today that the Company’s...


Which Camera Should I Get for My Dive Trip?

Know the differences between Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II compact camera and other action cameras...

3 Interior Tips for New Homeowners

Learn how to add a personal touch to your home by displaying photographs with these 3 simple tips.

7 Reasons Why Canon’s Mirrorless Cameras Will Up Your Social Media Game

Learn just how your social media arsenal will be boosted with a Canon EOS M mirrorless camera, which...


Why the EOS M50 is a Must for Europe Travel

Photographer Justin Ong teaches us how to shoot beautiful photos when travelling around Europe

Learn How to Take Shareworthy Instagram Shots with Julian Cheong

An interview with Instagrammer Julian Cheong to find out the tricks to create a beautiful Instagram...

The Secret to Blackwater Photography

During blackwater dives, photographing incredibly tiny, fast-moving, and mostly transparent subjects...


How Well Do You Know Your f/4L Zoom Lenses?

Why is image stabilisation possible on f/4L zoom lenses but not on f/2.8L lenses? What were the...

EOS 200D: A Review with Sample Images

How does it feel to shoot with the EOS 200D, one of Canon's first entry-level DSLR cameras to...

The Little-Known History of Canon’s f/2.8L and f/4L Zoom Lenses

Canon’s product developers share about how this highly-acclaimed family of lenses has evolved...


The Allure of Aerial Photography: Capturing Unpredictable Landscapes Under Challenging Conditions

Allowing us to see the world from a drastically different perspective, aerial photography can be a...

Waisak Lantern Festival: Capturing the Beauty of Night Photography with Joseph Mak

Discover how to capture great photos under low-light at the Waisak lantern festival.

Photographing Mongolia: Nomads and Eagle Hunters

Meet the people of Mongolia through the lens of Joseph Mak’s EOS 5D Mark IV

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