Meet the judges

  • Judges

    Din Arshad News and Sports Photographer

    Din Arshad is passionate in learning and teaching others about photography. Not only does he own his own commercial studio with clients from big brands, but he also lectures on topics pertaining to photography. He is also a past PhotoMarathon judge and has a keen eye for shapes and tones.

  • Judges

    Ng Kok Leong The Principal Photographer of Velocity Studios

    Ng Kok Leong is no stranger to the photographic community nationwide and even internationally. The photo editor in chief of a local daily, he also has interests in education and the promotion of photography activities. With his vast experience as a judge in photographic competitions, he has a keen eye for composition and light.

  • Judges

    Zung NA

    Zung is a self-made photographer who first struck out with his wedding photography business, The Photoz boasting high-end clientele. Known for creating shots with mood and expression, his favorite frames are ones where the moment is captured, no matter the subject.